Manchester City Champions League Ban for Financial Rules Violations

Following the latest official announcement by a body of UEFA, it is official that UEFA delivers Manchester City Champions League ban for two years in a row. The decision follows the conclusion that indicates serious breaches regarding the European soccer’s financial rules done by Manchester City. Obviously the absence of the club to participate in the Champions League could deliver terrible effects, especially to the club. Some high profile players could well be demanded to leave and join other clubs to participate in the Champions League. Even the manager could leave the club on that matter. Moreover, the club could lose about $100 million of its annual revenue due to its absence in the Champions League.

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Aside from the Manchester City Champions League ban for two consecutive years, Manchester City is obligated to pay a sum of money as a fine. That is due to the failure of the club to cooperate with the investigators under UEFA during the investigation regarding the financial rules breaches. The fine is set at $32.5 million. All in all, that set of punishment for Manchester City is considerably the most significant one to be issued by UEFA for a decade. Fortunately that punishment will not affect the competitions as of this season that Manchester City has its schedule of Round of 16 in the Champions League already.

The idea of the financial rules as issued by UEFA for the whole European soccer club competitions is to reduce the gap between rich teams and poorer teams. Basically teams like Manchester City, PSG, and Real Madrid are known to be amidst the rich teams. They could spend as much money as possible to create a strong team. Unfortunately there are poorer teams that could not spend too much money therefore their level of performance is affected by that. Aside from reducing that gap, the rules were meant to reduce the increasing amount of debt of poorer teams as well. Manchester City Champions League ban is the result of violating the rules on that matter.

The issue of such a thing that Manchester City violates the financial rules has been within public circulation from last year. Back then it was rumored that the club will be given a year ban in its Champions League campaign. Club officials on the other hand have been strongly denied that accusation of such wrongdoing within the operation of the club regarding financial rules violations. Even right after the announcement delivered by UEFA the club has stated that it would appeal the ban to the disciplinary body of UEFA.

It is important that UEFA keep the ban as it should be regarding its idea to create financial limits within European clubs in European competitions. Ever since the rules were placed in the year of 2011 it is known that some powerful clubs have managed to avoid any form of punishments and bans. Hopefully this one punishment for Manchester City will stick to really show the ability of UEFA to really control European competitions as it should be.

In terms of the domestic competition, it may well be possible that Manchester City will get additional punishment from Premier League officials. It was said by officials that in March of 2019 an investigation has been opened to find out about financial reports inaccuracy within the body of Manchester City. Yet in refers to the latest ban from UEFA there has been no statement regarding that investigation within the scope of Premier League indicating more punishments for the club. Well, the good thing about the Manchester City Champions League ban for two years surely is that there could be decent chances for other teams to shine bright in the Champions League.

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